About Us

An innovative, award-winning eLearning & technology company with a personal approach to our customers as true long term partners.

Smart Exams is a web based interactive, independent and intelligent examination platform for students. This innovative platform extend the e-learning capabilities of any educational institution by providing them a real time analysis on their institution health. This platform covers wide range of institutions and boards like, CBSE, IIT, IBPS, GMAT, etc.

Smart Exams is not a substitute of your current e-learning solution but a analyzer which closely monitar the performance of not only of your pupils but also of your faculty and institution.

Time management

Gives teacher more time to teach

Using this software, institutes can get rid of lengthy formalities that include question paper creation, candidate registration for an exam, evaluating the answer sheets and declaring/publishing the results with reports.


Smart Devices Support.

We made the comfort of GINI for you, Enjoy the power of running exams anytime, anywhere using you smart devices.Customized your plan according to your need, select the best which suites you best

SMS & Email Notifications

For teacher & parents 

Stay updated even in ZERO network, we will update you wherever you are in the world with our world class Notification platform.
Provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right after the exam. State of the art Dashboards which reflects student performance in intuitive manner.

Statistical analysis

To know strength and weakness of particular students.

Instant scorecard generation, computational analysis, efficient feedback sharing to boost up your performance and precision. An ultimate combination of detailed and drilled methodologies that will eventually complement your skills and grades.


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